24. Mar, 2017


Oh Muse sweet lady
What form are you?
Are you from the Ancient Line
Or be you new....and
With certain style.

You visit me each day
And words invade my head
Pen is put to paper
And visions there are read.

At night before I fall to sleep
I must needs write them well
Memories perhaps of
Wooden glens and shady dells!

Why does Plato spring to mind
Are you calling out his name
Or is it golden Apollo
Whose company you crave?
And Zeus is there, arrogant Jove
Sulking in his shame.
At seducing innocent maidens As Science lures the mind
Of 21st Century poets
Trying to keep them blind.

Muse sweet lady
keep alive the flame and fire
Through the Arts....
Keep breathing
The search for Beauty and Truth
Forever, in the bosom of man
A keen and treasured desire.