24. Mar, 2017


Hello People.

My Blogging will contain all kinds of writing  on different things but mainly centred around Life with its myriad of changes, ups and downs both personal and global, some philosophy, wholistic tips and advice (healthy mind healthy body) Colour Meditation, Balance and Harmony, herbs,comments on modern and past  trends in some areas but NOT political, Nature both flora and fauna and the environment in general, History and Cultural insights.

Blogs will also have my own prose, poetry and essays as well as 'cited' writings  of other writers.

There is a old saying that "The pen is mightier than the sword!"(annonymous) and sometimes I believe that to be so. Words do matter and they can change the status quo from deep inner emotions to the most frivolous thought and everything in-between and you never know that even in todays upside down fast paced and crazy world Jung's "Collective Unconcious" could work for the good of us all'

There is also writing for young children the future of our world.

I hope you enjoy the Blogs and welcome comments from all those who read them.

My beautiful inspiring Muses are  back. Zeus smiles at his daughters  and Apollo sighs with relief as his golden smile lights up the world banishing darkness on a star for another glorious day of Light!

Cheers! Frances.(Crenelle.)