1. Apr, 2017


    In the Northern Hemisphere Spring has arrived and as this beautiful re-birthing season of Nature is one of hope and joy after a hard winter I would like to share the following poem and prose piece.




                   She comes  with the Quickening

                   The Golden lady of the wood as the earth murmurs beneath her

                   Winter mantle.

                   Aye, she leaps across caverns of ice and snow, mud and sleet

                   and dark places

                   Her tinkling laughter heralding yet again a 

                   New dawn.


                   She is all without and all within this ageless Mother of the world

                   Carrying the seeds of Life towards their destiny,

                   Welcoming the pangs of birth as her supreme joy

                   In knowing that she is the Key to infinite, timeless eternal Life!


                   The gentle breeze sighs caressing her softly

                   As the message is carried throughout Creation;

                   Spreading the precious contents throughout her domain

                   As the wheel turns yet again in its never-ending circle of life!


                   Creatures bow their heads and the Sun acknowledges the ritual

                   Sending ever increasing rays of warmth to nurture and nourish

                   The struggling infant, strengthening heart and lungs

                   Leaf and budding tips of youth.


                   The mighty Oak shakes himself awake from Winter slumber

                   Beholding her form, ever graceful and beautiful as she dances to

                   The call of his voice........

                   And he rises to her understanding embracing her with his

                   Majesty, growing stronger with each union until finally he stands

                   Triumphant, fulfilled, the pinnacle of Life, the slayer of death!


                   And she, not oblivious to his salutations

                   Nurses her young at her swollen breasts, her loving arms lifting up

                   the remnants of his glory and cradling them to her beating heart

                   Ever mindful of the Life within and its future birth.

                   But for now she sighs and smiles content with her many children

                   Grateful to be host to their eternity!


                   And so Hope springs eternal from the infinite well of Life

                   Its fathomless reaches perhaps beyond our comprehension and yet

                   We are part of this great symphony, its essence calling us to read

                   and hear the music as it carries us along on its  spiral pathway.......


                   Glorious in its challenge

                   Terrifying in its battle

                   Humble in its victory

                   And beautiful in its need.

                       _____________  (Crenelle.)





      River waters murmur softly and leaves rustle on the wings of the wind as it travels through the land.

Pines weave their magic as the breeze gathers in the awakening light of dawn and birds twitter at the sound.

Eagle rises and circles on the currents, winging his way towards the the new young rising Sun and Snake squggles his way out into the growing warmth whilst Beaver forages in the shallows. and   Bear weaves his way across the scattered rocks looking for a early breakfast.

      The camp was a few metres from the banks of the river, the people moving forward to embrace the fresh green and colours of Spring after a long hard bitter Winter.

The tipees looked like giant standing stones in the early morning light apppearing  as royal and majestic as King Arthur's round table, the circle telling the eternal tale of continual Life.

Rose coloured hues  shared their rays with the  golden rising Sun  in the centre of the camp hallowing out the central meeting place of the people with a rainbow  of glorious colour.

      The lone figure of a slender young girl emerged from a hidden doorway and ran to the river laughing with youthful delight as she plunged innto the still icy waters. A young man joined the maiden and together they swam strongly  across to the other side, climbed the hill and stood naked to greet the rising orb the Sun as it kissed awake with slender fingers a growing  glow  to embrace and enclose the camp fully with life in the soft womb of Knowing.

And Manitou honoured the ritual; rolling in the heavens, sighing through the air and saluting to the Sun. He looked down at his children on the hill and smiling spread his body protectively around them endowering them with love and courage for the year ahead.

    The people in the camp acknowledged the miracle and lifted up their voices in song praising the Creator of All Life. The world breathed gratefully as the Sun rose higher and higher  in the sky: a new day, a new beginning.

                                                       ________________________ (Crenelle.)