24. Mar, 2017

He circled the width of his vision
To find the words required
To extol the beauty of the waterfall
The gentle rustling of the trees
And the sound of birdsong.

He reached out with tentative phrases
To the gushing waters
Cascading down the flowing river,
Expressing joy in the
Graceful flight of a deer
Startled by his thought.

He could do anything this man of words
Truth and reality
Spurred on by soul sight
Which glimpsed water nymphs
bathing in the foamy waters.

Rainbow Trout be-speckled the pools
Flashing gorgeous colours;
Frisking with the light
Of sun and shadow
Playing on the surface
In abandoned delight.

The world was his enhanced by a mind
Which saw only Beauty in Nature's fountain
A never-ending source
Of sheer perfection as she
Responded to his tireless repertoire
Giving dignity and essence
To her immortal story.

Aye, he was content in
The Ocean of Language
This Mariner of verse and prose
And grateful for its blessing.