19. Apr, 2017


CHILDREN: are a gift;spirit beings sent from the sky of Mankind's evolution.

They embrace the sun and laugh at the rain and ponder on the folly of adults. Their world is full of magic no longer visible to their elders and for this they are sad.

Children find joy in simple things and are not crowded by attacious intellect.

Therefore, let us leave them safe  secure and happy as children. Laugh with them and enjoy their innocence for it is the salvation and immortality of mankind. 

                                   ---------------------------------------------- (Crenelle.)



               "SWN Y PLANT": SOUND OF CHILDREN.

Children's laughter echoes throughout the soul of humanity

Sometimes soft and gentle sweet and fine, sometimes merry loud and free.

Little fingers and smallish hands grasp rainbow coloured balls

Smiling eyes and dimpled chins keep watch over all....

The faery tales and magic nursery songs and rhyme

Eternal beating hearts of love in childish joy of pantomime.

Sweet little ones with shining eyes luminous as lustrous pearls

For you my little people, the Ship of Life her sails for you will unfurl.

And carry you to distant shores of Knowledge and new found Truth

Where your hearts will not be shackled by the all enclosing roof

Of hypocritical beauocracy and aristocratic false invention

No! small ones not for you the fabled lies and deception

Which keep many adults dumb and blind to the lifeline of budding youth

Fools they are for they cannot see that their future lies within You!

                               ---------------------------------------- (Crenelle.)