TREES are the life-blood of our planet  and it is a scientific fact that these Guardians of the earth give the mortal bodies of human and animal alike fresh  oxygenated air to breathe by purifying it and without pure air Life on Earth would perish.

From mankind's first attempt at understanding his world and "Whom and What" lived beside him outside the cave door the magnificent trees have been immortalized  by peoples all over the world in Folklore/Legend/  Myths/ Holy Books/ painted by Artists/ and sung in songs, the stories and beautiful paintings too many to cite here.

Trees give us blessed food to eat as well be it Fruits of varying species and kind high in Nutrition with vital vitamins and minerals, but also various Nuts such as the Almond and others full of Nutrition.

To very early Mankind  before he learned to hunt wild animmals for meat,these fruits and nuts formed his staple diet, more often than not by simply 'tasting one', and if it didn't kill him or make him sick, tasted nice or sometimes even bitter he used it as a food and continued learning as he went along.

As well as keeping the air pure and used as a food by human/animal and bird trees are quite simply Calming and beautiful to look at even if no Blossom or fruits and nuts adorn their boughs, the naked green of the Evergreens or Autumn coloured folliage of the Deciduous is  enough. You don't have to be a "Tree-Hugger" to enjoy the  serenity which overflows into the close atmosphere around them. You just need to sit, stay quiet within yourself, take a few deep breaths and enjoy it. It is easy to do in Parks and Botanical Gardens in cites world wide and towns world wide but so much nicer in the countryside. Sadly many people cannot do this but again there is modern technology to come to their aid in the form of wonderful Photos or Videos with the orchestrated sound of a gentle breeze rustling the leaves softly. You can quite literally relax this way and even fall into a peaceful mini-sleep for a few minutes waking up feeling relaxed and refreshed.

For those who are able do it in reality do so and give your nervous system/mind/heart/body  and soul a thorough Balancing inside and out through the simplicity of such beautiful Creations as the Trees!

                                           -------------------------------------------- (Crenelle.)


                                                       THE TREE.

Wooden trunk mottled and torn

Battle scarred, tired but not worn

From ages past its in your eyes

and in your soul there is no disguize.

Just aeons of Knowing as you grew from the earth

And I share gladly in your mirth

Which smiles at the sun

And laughs with the rain

Eternity speaks in your regal frame,

You, who will stand long after I depart

Aye, you bring joy to my grateful heart

For your gracious form is everlasting peace

A haven always from busy fitful humanity things.

Thank you for the time spent here

Beside you.

Thank you, thank you

For the Timeless lesson learned.

-------------------------- (Crenelle.)