The ocean is a haven, be it by a sunny bay, out on a boat, sitting on a beach or looking at it from atop a cliff. It provides life on earth with nutritional foods for human  animal and bird alike for our bodies. A calm sea is uplifting and peaceful;providing as it does room for our thoughts tranquility for the soul and gentle on our eyes as we think and wonder, perhaps write paint or sketch inspired by the beauty and colours of the beautiful blues and greens of the rolling gentle sea; or just sit up and take notice with soft laughing pleasure as a couple of cheeky Dolphins come close into the shore as a lone Pelican flies across our vision  searching the surface of the the waters for his dinner.

     Whatever her moods,Mother Sea is Healing! Even in a tempest of fury with tops of creamy white grey waves crashing on the shore and ears roaring with the angry sound as   sea birds scurry for shelter before the next rush,the ocean leaves  morsels  of seafood here and there of fish crab or mussel along with fresh green seaweed and maybe driftwood for a later time to light a small seaside fire as night draws in and allows our minds to deal with any dark  or depressing thoughts, causing them to dissipate and vanish out to sea as we take in the spectacle, allowing them to become impotent and grey matter nothingness as the Great Mother banishes them with compassion in her understanding waters!

                                              __________________________________ (Crenelle.)                                   OCEAN STORY.


It reaches into caverns and persuades the rocks to retreat

The gentle rolling sea where all things come to meet.

Merman and pretty mermaids form part of the oceans symphony

Whales, dolphins and the fishes swim in depths unseen.

And we can only wonder as we bathe in the waters blue

We can watch for a little while this world so separate to ours but true........

With aeons of knowledge and knowing, love and despair, joy and pain

We can touch it for a moment before it disappears again.

And the sea rolls on forever, waves crash upon the shore

White sands crown the beauty and balance is restored once more!


                               ------------------------------------------------------- (Crenelle.)



                                                     SILENT VISITOR.


Sand ripples, bubbles surface

Crab raises eyes to sky

Then scuttles for the waves

Safe under their mantle of


No-one sees his passing

As the Winter Ocean rolls on.

Blessed creature, keep your silence

Goodbye! Now you are gone!


              ---------------------------------------------------- (Crenelle.)