I come from the wind

The rain and the sun

And my eyes have seen ages pass

Down through the myriad length of Time!

I walked with the Great Bear 

And danced with the Caribou.

My hands touched the flight of Eagle

As he winged his way to the abode of the


I know the name of every rock

And the souls of the Trees

Speak to me: Ageless stories of their kind

Before Man walked the Earth.

GrassHopper and Snake

Whisper silent tales of 


Stirring mists of woven memory

From my youth

In the cradle of Life

When the valleys were lush and green

And rivers and waterfalls flowed sweet and pure

Unhampered even by Beaver's meddling.

I remember sunrise over golden peaks

As snow glistened  like crystals

In a Spider's web.

And I know we are as One with it all

For it forms part of us.

And it will rise again, as the wind rises in Autumn......

Our beloved Earth whole again!

This I know, this I feel

For we are born of it!

Acknowledge then with joy and faith the

Breath of the world as it sighs across the acres of